Benefits of Being Different

Our approach is rare because it is designed to capture the long-tail value creation of top one-percent businesses. Underwriting for where a business is heading, versus where it has come from, allows us to identify large gaps between accounting limitations and earning power.


Commitment to the rational business case of an investment, not market sentiment or volatility.


Our size and agility provide access to a much larger set of opportunities than a typical large institutional fund.

Time Horizon

We think in terms of years and decades, not months and quarters. Our goal is to produce excellent performance over rolling 3 to 5 year periods.

Best Ideas Only

Exceptional opportunities are hard to find, and even harder to hang on to.

To prevent making the most common and costly “mistakes of “omission” we only focus on a handful of businesses where can develop maximum insight and conviction.

Aligned Investor Base

Supported by like-minded families that share our mindset and objectives.