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Presentation Update “When 1 + 1 = TOO”

      Partners Fund | Harvard Club of New York City Update to our January 2018 presentation on Teekay Offshore. Updates include our views on GAAP cash flow vs. EBITDA, perspective on TOO's business model as a lease-finance company, and Brookfield's longer term path to...

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When 1 + 1 = TOO

Best Ideas 2018, MOI Global

Jeremy Deal and Seth Lowry selected for a live presentation on the merger of Teekay Offshore and Brookfield Business Partners

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Survivors and Thrivers

CFA Society, Zurich and Geneva

Stop trying to trade the market: How do professional investors identify the next decade’s Survivors and Thrivers without swinging for the fences?

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TerraForm Power Case Study

Jeremy Deal and Seth Lowry contribute a chapter in the book: How to Profit from Special Situations in the Stock Market by Maurece Schiller, a reprint of the original 1959 classic, updated by Tom Jacobs and re-released in December 2017.

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