Q&A with Jeremy Deal | 3Q 2020


October 30, 2020

Jeremy Deal of JDP Capital Management answers questions from current and prospective investors in 3Q 2020.


Questions from J.M., New Jersey, Prospective LP

2:13 Q: “Where do you see growth in industrials and where do you see value in tech? How are you thinking through/balance the opportunities to invest in each?”

6:05 Q: “When sourcing investments, what macro indicators do you track and how is that guiding your current investment process?”

9:20 Q: “The narrative has been that value has underperformed as the market has gotten better at picking winners and losers. How do you avoid the “falling knives” or is that not a concern?”

Questions from R.K., Austin TX, Prospective LP

12:13 Q: “What steps do you take to figure out a companies business model other than read documents? How do you decide how to hold or sell after stocks have increased so much?”

Question from L.S., Houston TX, Prospective LP

20:58 Q: “You mentioned Spotify’s video patent as business progress in the quarter, what is the opportunity?”

Question from M.W., Seattle WA, Current LP

24:00 Q: “How would a COVID vaccine affect our portfolio companies?”