Q&A with Jeremy Deal | 4Q 2020


February 08, 2021

Jeremy Deal of JDP Capital Management answers questions from current and prospective investors in regard to 4Q 2020.


2:22 Question #1:
“How is the portfolio positioned now versus last year?” – J.C. from Dallas

6:21 Question #2:
“Each of JDP’s top investments are growth-focused, which sometimes means that these companies face higher competition, so how do you manage this future risk that is less foreseeable?” – A.S. from Germany

11:13 Question #3:
“What are the effects of coronavirus going away later this year? Are we in a stock market bubble?” – J.C. from San Diego

“Will macro headwinds cause a recession?” -D.S. from San Diego

16:39 Question #5:
“What is your plan to hedge, I have a bad feeling the markets will crash?” – G.W. from Indiana

18:49 Question #6:
“How do you think about investing for capital gains versus dividend strategies? Would JDP ever consider opening a second fund focused on dividend income?” – B.D. from the Bay Area

22:40 Question #7:
“How do you think about cash management in general? While searching for an opportunity do you prefer to stay fully invested or move to cash? How long does it take to deploy capital from cash?” – K.K. from the U.S.

25:25 Question #8:
“What controls do you have in place to attribute returns to your investment thesis versus luck or other macro factors?” – K.K. from the U.S.

30:51 Question #9:
“There are a number of great companies to own over the long-term such as Nike, Starbucks, Chipotle and Wal-Mart, yet I know zero people who have owned these businesses for 10+ years even they were fairly straightforward and were 20x returns.
Why can no one actually own the highest quality businesses for 10+ years?” – S.N. from SF