Survivor & Thriver Strategy

Our investment process is rooted in a simple checklist that we call the Survivor & Thriver Company Criteria. The purpose of the checklist is to help weed out mistakes, and identify opportunity when prices fall.

The market is full of companies that have survived for very long periods of time but are no longer thriving. It is also easy to find businesses that might be thriving today but where the future is murky and difficult to underwrite. We want to avoid both of these scenarios.

As long-term investors we are on a quest to own the much rarer business that will not just survive but thrive and compound over many years.

Survivor & Thriver Company Criteria

1. Business model that is adaptable and relevant in tomorrow’s economy

2. Durable pricing power protected by a growing competitive advantage

3. Capital allocation and balance sheet strategy that supports the company’s moat

4. Significant alignment of interest between management and equity owners