WORTH A LOOK #2 “Podcasting is Transforming Global Audio Consumption”

Worth a Look

September 24, 2020

What is Worth a Look?

As part of our research process we are continuously reading, watching and listening to a wide range of content related to business trends affecting our portfolio companies. We often come across underfollowed material that might be of interest to our investors from the perspective of:

  1. To highlight an important transition in a sector where there might be opportunity generally,
  2. To help explain changes affecting the way you do business or consume life,
  3. Just piquing your curiosity

Podcasting Trends Around the World, by James Cridland, The University of Adelaide (Australia)

We enjoyed this presentation by James Cridland who is an audio and podcast business consultant in Australia. Mr. Cridland was the former Digital Media Director for Virgin Radio, which was the world’s first radio smartphone streaming application. In our view, this presentation was interesting because it highlights the transformation of podcasting from obscure and Indie into a billion-dollar business.

Why the topic is important for positions in our portfolio:

  1. Global companies of all sizes are increasing podcast investments [0:00 – 3:56]
  2. Universal participation across demographics [3:57 – 4:40]
  3. The level of published podcasts is catching up with books [4:40 – 5:35]
  4. RSS Publishing technology fosters independence of content producers…for now [5:36 – 7:21]
  5. Podcast awareness is growing among, but listening still well below linear radio [7:22 – 11:37]
  6. Podcasting is heading towards $1bn in advertising revenue [11:38 – 12:57]
  7. Global podcast landscape led by Apple, but Spotify is rapidly gaining ground [12:58 – 16:34]
  8. Listener consumption typically occurs alone and either at home or on-the-go [16:35 – 20:50]
  9. The amount of Content is becoming overwhelming, easing new content Discovery is critical to growth [20:51 – 25:51]
  10. Technical information on format [25:52 – 26:53]
  11. Concluding remarks, podcasting is early innings of growth [26:54 – End]


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